Contractor Waterproofing

Waterproofing at Shopping Mall, Old Klang Road, KL

Waterproofing Work at New opening restaurant, Old Klang Road, KL


Wet Kitchen Area

Our Job

We were given a contract waterproofing job and its has to be completed in a short period time to meet the official opening day restaurant in 2017 ( i think).

It is a rush job and the construction work can only start midnight when the shopping mall is close for public. 

the opening soon restaurant in year 2017 (i think) and it has to complete in a very rushing 

What we do

We carry out our SOP waterproofing and we proposed using Polyurethane (PU) Membrane waterproofing due to the requirements and specification. 


  1. To ensure surface preparation is in good condition. Any defects concrete floor is necessary to patch up accordingly.
  2. The upskirting wall surfaceare all in good condition. Any defects is necessary to patch up accordingly.
  3. The angle fillet is necessarily to apply at all round corner edge accordinly.
  4. The right proportional mixture of the Waterproofing chemical to be mix accordingly.
  5. The right application method by using primer coating, 1st layer coating subsequently 2nd layer coating accordingly.
  6. The observation of the drying and curing time between the coatings has to be monitor accordingly.

There are many more miscellaneous steps to do depending the site situation. Above are the basic liquid applied waterproofing membrane application. 👍

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