Contractor Fix & Repair Works Wall Leaking Water leaking

Water Leaking through Wall at Serai Saujana Condo Shah Alam

Water Leaking at Serai High Rise Condo, Saujana Shah Alam in year 2017.

Water Leaking Area

Wall Area

Source of Leaking

External Wall exposed to Raining

How it happen

The Wall Water Leaking occurred at internal wall area and the source of problem comes from external wall that exposed to heavy downpour raining.

Client Background

The client is an expatriate and had doubting issue with quality works performance due to some bad experience with other contractor.

Initially was doubting us as well if we could solve the problems and ta-da! 🎉

What we do

We gather all information of the leaking regular occurrence and inspect the wall leaking seepage area.

We identify the source of water leaking problem and it is concluded that waterproofing is no needed to rectify this water leaking problem at Serai Saujana Condo Ara Damansara, Shah Alam.

Our SOP Work

  1. To supply and apply protection sheets before commencement of work.
  2. Cut and Scrap off the existing damage water leaking mark at the wall areas.
  3. Carry out our general water leaking rectification method after identify the source of water leaking.
  4. To touch up all the necessarily wall.
  5. To do skim coat after completing the touch up work.
  6. Paint white color at the plaster ceiling to the best as possible.

Additional Work

Timber Flooring Repair, Painting, Sliding door jamn

The expatriate client was pretty impressive with the work we handle. The trust was established.

The client ask if we could repair the timber flooring that was damage due to water, painting, fix the sliding jam door.

We explain we could do everything except a problem  regarding the timber flooring where the exact design cannot be found.

We proposed using the closest color matching timber flooring and the client accepted. 

Ta-da 🎉 all mission completed!

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