Contractor Fix & Repair Works Roof Leaking Water leaking

Roof tiles leaking at Damansara height house

Roof Tiles Leaking at Damansara height house in year 2017.

Water Leaking Area

Ceiling area

Source of Leaking

Roof tiles exposed to raining

How it happen

The ceiling water leaking occurred only whenever there is raining. The water leaking dripping is getting severe.

Client Background

The property agent was task on behalf of the owner of the bungalow house damansara to rectify the water leaking problem.

What we do

This is pretty straightforward to solve the roof tiles leaking. The challenge is a very very long ladder required because the roof of the building is so high!

We identify the source of water leaking problem and the rest is pretty straight forward to rectify the water leaking. 👍

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