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Kuchai Lama Roof Garden Water Leaking

This Kuchai Lama Master Bedroom Leaking was in year 2017.

Water Leaking Area

Master Bedroom

Source of Leaking

Top Roof Garden

How it happen

Water Leaking occurred at Master Bedroom and the source of problem comes from Roof Garden which is above the master bed room.

Client Background

The client had earlier engage a local general contractor however the water leaking problem never resolved and reoccurred again and again. 


What we do

We carry out the site investigation and doing some analyzing from all the information given by the client and what the previous contractor did and how occasionally the water leaking happen.

We identify the source of water leaking problem and carry out our Waterproofing system solution to rectify water leaking. The water leaking has damage the existing plaster ceiling and therefore require to fix and repair it.

  1. To supply and apply protection sheets before commencement of work.
  2. Cut and Scrap off the existing damage plaster ceiling
  3. Carry out our PU injection Waterproofing method system.
  4. To touch up and plaster ceiling back to the best as possible.
  5. To do skim coat after completing plaster ceiling touch up
  6. Paint white color at the plaster ceiling to the best as possible.

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