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Waterproofing at Shopping Mall, Old Klang Road, KL

Waterproofing Work at New opening restaurant, Old Klang Road, KL Waterproofing Wet Kitchen Area Our Job We were given a contract waterproofing job and its has to be completed in a short period time to meet the official opening day restaurant in 2017 ( i think). It is a rush job and the construction work […]

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Kuchai Lama Roof Garden Water Leaking

This Kuchai Lama Master Bedroom Leaking was in year 2017. Water Leaking Area Master Bedroom Source of Leaking Top Roof Garden How it happen Water Leaking occurred at Master Bedroom and the source of problem comes from Roof Garden which is above the master bed room. Client Background The client had earlier engage a local […]

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The Difference Between Waterproofing and Water leaking

Solving the problems of Water leaking and Waterproofing matter is totally different thing.  Water Leaking problems such as Roof tiles leaking and Pipe Water Leaking and Windows leaking involving handling tools object like hammer, nuts, screwing, glue, silicone, dismantling, assembling to fix. Waterproofing problems such as toilet floor leaking, roof slab leaking, balcony leaking, wall […]

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Puchong Water Leaking

Waterproofing Types of Waterproofing Chemical We do Many general contractors has little knowledge of waterproofing chemical. The problems could involve using the wrong waterproofing products. Apart from that, using the wrong method application or less effective method. The most common types of waterproofing chemical products application are Polyurethane (PU) Membrane waterproofing, Cementitious coating waterproofing, Bituminous […]