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Company Story

The leader of klreport graduated as Civil Engineer and he landed his 1st job as a project engineer in one of  manufacturer chemical in building construction.

Focusing majorly on waterproofing and concrete solutions on large scale of big contract projects such like Publika Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara etc.

After many years doing contract projects, he started venturing into solving water leaking and waterproofing at residential house, condo, shop at KL, Selangor, Klang Valley.


Background Experience

I used to handle big project contract relating to waterproofing category. The journey experience exposed me learning all types of waterproofing chemical materials.

As a specializing in waterproofing contractor on construction site, you have to deal with many specifications and requirements set by QS and Architect.

Knowledge Experience

Thanks to the years knowledge experience i gain.

The knowledge of using the right method application Waterproofing and Using the suitable Chemical Waterproofing Product is absolute necessary. Situation varies

Water Leaking vs Waterproofing

Solving the problems of Water leaking and Waterproofing matter is totally different thing. 

Water Leaking problems such as Roof tiles leaking and Pipe Water Leaking and Windows leaking involving handling tools object like hammer, nuts, screwing, glue, silicone, dismantling, assembling to fix.

Waterproofing problems such as toilet floor leaking, roof slab leaking, balcony leaking, wall leaking involving knowledge of Waterproofing chemical products to fix.

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